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Useful Info for Albufeira

What are the usual prices for eating out or having a drink in Albufeira; How is the Real Estate market; What are the shops and Supermarket and the Price of gasoline in Portugal.

Here are some facts and advices we believe will be good to know for those who come and visit Albufeira and the Algarve region for the first time. In this tourist guide, you’ll find a collection of tips, recommendations and contacts on diverse matters such as how to move around, average costs of things, precautions to take, a helpful phone book, links to websites of interest, etc.

Averages Costs

Portugal is well-known as an attractive and affordable holiday destinations. Although VAT is currently at 23% on the majority of goods, it is still a place to come across good quality products and services at low price.

Eating Out

For those who don’t mind cooking on their holidays, a good meal can cost very little. However, the temptation to try at least one good traditional Portuguese dish will be very difficult to resist – so, it’s better to give in and try one of the many quality restaurants scattered all over the Algarve.

From the most simple of dishes, to the most elaborate, the prices will vary between around 10€ and 50€ per person, this including drinks and desserts. It is frequent to be charged for "couvert" which consists of the extra bread, butter, paté, olives or cheese that is put on your table before you order anything but you can refuse it when they are presented to you. Visit our directory for suggestions of local restaurant establishments.

Bars & Pubs

Having a drink at the many local cafés, bars and pubs is usually very affordable, as low as 1,5 euro for a large beer or 0,65 euro for a typical expresso café («Bica») at the "regular" portuguese bars. Obviously, the trendy and well located bars on the strip or in the old town with live music or other sort of entertainment will cost a bit more. Here's a list of bars in Albufeira and around.

All prices normally include taxes and service, but it is common to tip services like taxis ou restaurants around 5 or 10%, or just some change in case of small amounts like in a café.

Get more tips from our forum.


The real estate market in the Algarve has been recovering widely since the crisis in the business in the early years of the 2010s. The interest in foreigners' acquisition of real estate has brought a great demand for houses and apartments in the region, which has driven up prices naturally. The financial advantages offered to "non-habitual residents" as well as the "Gold Visa" that allows entry and access to the European space in exchange for investment in the country, caused an influx of new buyers in the real estate market. The quality of life, the climate, the friendliness of the people and security in Portugal have also become recognized worldwide and many pensioners and new entrepreneurs are looking for our region to live. However, property offers in Portugal remain attractive and ensure an excellent investment. It is not too late to acquire your slice of happiness in Albufeira!

Renting an apartment or a house is also a good alternative for long stays but there are few offers available. Prices vary naturally and depend on the type of property, location and equipment. For example, a two bedroom apartment can be rented for around 700 € / month. Be sure to look for local real estate agents here!


Shops for clothing, shoes, souvenirs, etc. can be found on the streets of town and also at the several shopping centers across the region where you'll find plenty of international brands and sometimes some irresistible sales. Liquor store remain very interesting to those coming from high taxed alcohol countries and so are cigarettes.

Prices for all type of items at local stores are not negociable but one can always ask for a discount if purchasing several items.

Here are some shops in the region.


Albufeira is well covered with supermarkets of different sizes. Most of them offer a wide range of products, from dairy, produce, bakery, butcher, fish monger, drugstore and all kind of merchandise one might need.

Prices may not differ a lot from the ones from your own country but some items are much cheaper and promotions can be enjoyed daily.

Here is a list of most of the supermarkets open in Albufeira.

  • Continente (aka Modelo)
  • Pingo Doce
  • Intermarché
  • Lidl
  • Aldi
  • Spar
  • Coviran
  • Mini Preço
  • Apolonia
  • Favorita
  • Ocean
  • Blues


Fuel, gasoline and diesel, are roughly the same price as the average price in Europe. It fluctuates according to the international markets but slightly different prices can be found at the pumps and small discounts are common and varied.

Gasolina = Gasoline/Petrol | Gasóleo = Diesel

All available information presented here has been gathered from online sources and from personal experiences. If you have any suggestions to make or find inaccurate, incomplete or outdated detail, please contact us and we’ll correct the information as needed.