Albufeira Interactive Location Maps Learn your way around town and across the region


These highly interactive and practical maps have been developed in order to facilitate the tourists’ direction during their stay in the region and to optimize the relationship between businesses and visitors. Here you will encounter several maps showing Albufeira location in Europe, the Algarve region and most of its most outstanding monuments, facilities and buildings of all kind as well as a collection of small villages, major towns, famous streets, places and areas in the surroundings.

We are confident you will find these maps useful and hope they turn out to be a great tool to find your way around allowing you to discover interesting places to visit during your stay in Albufeira.

Albufeira is located on the south coast centre of the Algarve region which itself is the southernmost region of mainland Portugal and Europe's westernmost tip. The Algarve has an area of nearly 5000Km² and an average population density of 80 inhabitants per km².

Its 150km length coastline faces the Atlantic mostly to the South and partly to the West on the “Costa Vicentina”. Its territory is divided into 3 main areas, “Litoral (coastal)” – where most of the tourist activity is concentrated; “Barrocal (the inland)” – territory mainly dedicated to agriculture and “Serra (the hills)” – mountainous part which occupy around half of the region.
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Location map of the Algarve region in Europe

On the left, a map of Europe shows the distances to most of its capitals and the approximate flight time down to Faro International Airport.

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