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Weather in Albufeira

The proximity of the Mediterranean Sea greatly influences the Algarvian climate. Summers are hot and dry, but not suffocating thanks to the Atlantic Ocean, and winters are mild with hardly any rain (50 days with rain and 500 mm on average each year), combined with very inviting springs and autumns. The Algarve is famous for enjoying over 300 days of sun and 3000 hours of sunlight on average per year.

Daily Weather ReportPosted: Yesterday

A sunny but windy morning. Temperature at 0945am is 22.2º, which will warm up to 28 or 29º this afternoon. The clear sky will mean a cool night, 19 or 20º at midnight. A similar day tomorrow but a change in the weather is likely on Tuesday and Wednesday, with much cooler temperatures, a lot of cloud and at the moment a 51% chance of light rain. Hot weather will be back from Thursday and by the weekend daytime will be 30 - 32º

This report is regularly updated by a British citizen residing in Albufeira and member of Albufeira.com forum. We encourage you to visit his own private website where you will find plenty of useful information about the local transportation: www.algarvebus.info

Tide table for Albufeira area - Today and Tomorrow

Tide Chart for Albufeira today and tomorrow
Source: Tideschart.com