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Useful Info for Albufeira

Locations and opening time of local Post Offices, Telephone services, Mobile and Internet connection, Portuguese TV, Cinemas & Local Radio stations.

Here are some facts and advices we believe will be good to know for those who come and visit Albufeira and the Algarve region for the first time. In this tourist guide, you’ll find a collection of tips, recommendations and contacts on diverse matters such as how to move around, average costs of things, precautions to take, a helpful phone book, links to websites of interest, etc.

Post Office

CTT - Post Office Logo

Post offices in Portugal offer much more services besides mail and postage delivery.
There are several shops in Albufeira area with slightly different opening hours.

Post Office Opening hours Telephone
Av. 25 de Abril (partnership with local store) 9am-7pm 289 586 253
Cerro da Alagoa 9am-6pm 707 262 626
Areias de S. João 9am-12.30pm / 2pm-6pm 707 262 626
Vale Paraíso 9am-12.30pm / 2pm-6pm 707 262 626
Olhos d’Água 9am-12.30am / 2.30pm - 6pm 707 262 626
Paderne - Rua 5 de Outubro (local store) 9.30am-1pm / 3pm-5.30pm 964 677 207
Guia (inside town market) 9.30am-2.30pm 960 459 806
Guia - Algarve Shopping (Note shop) 8.30am-11pm 707 100 017
For more information, visit website


Public phone booths are becoming rarer and only a few can be found around town. The one remaining are operated by PT and payment can be made with coins, pre-paid cards or credit cards.

National Information Service – Automatic Answer 118
National Information Service – Personalised Answer 12 118
International Calls with Operator Assistance 171
International Telephone Listings 177
International Information 179
Online Portuguese Yellow Pages website

To dial a portuguese phone number from outside the country, first dial the international code 00 351. All numbers in Portugal are made of 9 digits and always include their regional codes without any preceeding 0, e.g. all numbers in Albufeira start with 289 but are necessary to dial even when calling from the same region.

To dial a number outside Portugal when in the country, first dial 00 followed by the country code. (e.g. UK: 00 44) then the area code (without the preceding "0") and then the phone number.

View a list of useful phone numbers here!

Mobile phone and Internet

Communication operators in Portugal are as follow. Visit their website for pre-paid plans for Broadband Internet while staying in Portugal:

All support 3G/4G data connections and like landlines, all mobile phone have 9 digits, generally starting with 91, 93 or 96.

Most of them offer phone, tv and Internet packages for residents through ADSL or Fibre connection.

Visitors can adquire prepaid card for Internet access at the many local stores.

No roaming extra are charged when using your phone if your original carrier is from another country in the EU.

In increasing numbers are "Hot Spots", where to access the Internet wirelessly on your laptop or tablet. Ask your hotel or apartment reception (and even at many restaurants and cafés) to inquire if they supply this service!

Television, Cinema & Radio

There are a few open signal TV channels in Portugal: RTP1; RTP2; RTP3; RTP Memória; SIC; TVI; ARTv and more to come. All are emitting in TDT. Foreign films and series are always subtitled on Portuguese TV.

Channels like BBC World, SkyNews, CNN, German, Dutch, Spanish, French and many other channels are available and distributed by cable or satellite.

For movie lovers, there's a 8 theatres cinema at Algarve Shopping (in Guia) showing all the latest films, with 3D and Digital projection. Like on TV, films are subtitled and only "kids" movies are dubbed. There are other cinemas in Loulé Mar Shopping, Faro Forum Algarve and in Cineplace C.C.C. de Portimão.

Several local radio stations have news bulletins and programmes broadcasted in English. Albufeira hosts two local radio stations: Radio Solar and Kiss FM

All available information presented here has been gathered from online sources and from personal experiences. If you have any suggestions to make or find inaccurate, incomplete or outdated detail, please contact us and we’ll correct the information as needed.