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The Algarve Region

Alcoutim Coat of ArmsThe Municipality of Alcoutim is divided into the following parishes: Alcoutim and Pereiro; Giões; Martinlongo; Vaqueiros
Municipal Holiday: Second Friday of September
Inhabitantes: around 2,900
Area: 576 km²

Alcoutim is the least densely populated municipality in Portugal but has an extensive historical heritage with many archaeological remains of Roman occupation still visible on the Montinho das Laranjeiras and in Álamo. The fascinating view from the Castle of Alcoutim, built in clay in the 14th century, extends over the River Guardiana. The nucleus of the Religious Art and Archaeological Museums can be visited in the Chapel of Our Lady of the Conception in Alcoutim.

A Zipline allows visitors to cross the border from the village of Sanlúcar in Spain via a 750m cable over the Guadiana river.

The villages of Pereiro, Giões, Martimlongo and Lutão de Baixo seem frozen in time, and are also worth a visit. It is possible to rent a boat for river trips on the Guardiana from Guerreiros do Rio.

A pre-historic mine was discovered in Mineiro da Cova dos Mouros Park, near the hamlet of Vaqueiros, showing the evolution of early man’s use of metal. The Handicraft Fair takes place in June, where blankets, tablecloths, panniers and other items in wool or linen are sold, made by local weavers.

Enjoy some of the local dishes, made from lamb, pork, wild boar, hare or partridge. The fish served are from the river, i.e. lamprey eel or elvers. Deserts are based on bread dough, such as the Easter cakes with egg “folares” and puff pastry “filhós”.