Albufeira Interactive Beach Guide Get to know every Beach in details with this 360º panorama tour

The Albufeira Coastline stretches along 30 km and is divided into roughly 25 different and beautiful beaches.
Their fine sand is gently touched by the crystal clear and warm ocean water that captivates bathers from all over the World.

Albufeira shoreline is gifted with magnificent beaches of diverse morphologies. Since imposing cliffs that dominate an extended swath of golden sand between Vilamoura and Olhos d'Agua, until shores bounded by dunes and lagoon at Salgados, passing by beaches surrounded by jagged cliffs of different sizes east and west, and not forgetting the most famous beaches near the urban areas which are no less pleasant and clean.

We invite you to discover why Albufeira is considered to own the most beautiful beaches in the world.

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This interactive beach guide of allows you to travel virtually along the coastline and discover the location of every beach in Albufeira. Select any beach by clicking on the bottom list or on the red dots over the aerial view. Next, click on the small pop-up window that appears and you will then be taken to a set of full panoramic photos of the chosen beach. From there you can jump between views and move on to the next beach.
Explore and enjoy Albufeira’s beaches almost like you were there!

Blue Flag

Albufeira shores and their natural beauty are rightly famous thanks to the high quality and cleanness of the sea and sand but also due to the excellent accesses and supporting facilities. This is recognized by the highest number of “Blue Flags” given to beaches in one area (20 Blue Flags for Albufeira in 2012) as well as the highest number of earned official “Golden Beach Seals” (Quercus) in the country (18 in 2012!).

From little secluded places surrounded by walls of rock to long stretches of sandy beach, we can enjoy them all, whether it be calmly and privately or with plenty of fun and action. Water sports are available on many beaches, whether it be sailing, windsurfing and diving, or even motorized water sports.

Blue Flag

The Algarve coast and its gorgeous climate attract visitors all year round, but supporting facilities like umbrella/sunbed rental, water sports, medical emergencies, beach restaurants and bars run between April and October. It is also during this period that the seashore is properly watched and it’s safe to swim and enjoy it to the fullest.

Portugal has the safest beaches in the world where zero drawning has be recorded on the watched beach during 2011.

Blue Flag

The Blue Flag and Golden Beach

The quality and safety of Albufeira's beaches has been rewarded with a high number of Blue Flags and is maintained, year after year, with great dedication and effort.

The criteria for a beach to obtain the Blue Flag are: Quality of sea water; Safety and Services; Environmental Education and Information and Environmental Management

Gold Quality Beach

Quercus, the national nature preservation association, delivers a «Gold Quality» status to beaches where the quality of its sea water has been constantly good through its weekly analysis.

Praias para todos

Since 2005, an increasing number of beaches have had their facilities adapted so that people with physical disabilities could easily gain access. There are currently 13 beaches acessible to all in Albufeira.

For more information about the Blue Flag and other related organizations, visit:

The Blue Flag ABAE ARH QUERCUS Praias para todos



The I.S.N. (Instituto de Socorro a Náufragos) is an organisation that depends on the Portuguese Navy with the purpose of maintaining beach and maritime security. The main task of this Life Saving Institute is to coordinate rescue operations in the high seas and provide beach surveillance and safety. The Institute advises all bathers about the precautions to take whilst on the beach.


Every beach will have a flag signaling the bathers about the condition of the sea. Here is what they mean.

Green Flag

Green flag

Bathers are allowed to swim, providing all the rules and regulations are abided by.

Yellow Flag

Yellow flag

Swimming is prohibited.

Green Flag

Red flag

It is prohibited to bathe, swim or enter the water.

Checkered Flag

Blue and White checkered Flag

Beach temporarily unsupervised.

Here are some rules and recommendation tips that, if followed by bathers, should prevent any serious accidents.


  • Only frequent supervised beaches
  • Obey all Flag rules
  • Obey all lifeguards' instructions
  • Avoid swimming within 3 hours after having eaten
  • Never swim against the current
  • When swimming, never stray too far from the beach and always swim parallel to the shore


  • Always be aware of your Children's whereabouts and safety
  • Do not enter quickly into the water after long periods of sunbathing
  • Try to always be accompanied when swimming
  • If you feel at all in any danger, do not hesitate to call immediately for help
  • Try to familiarize yourself with the beaches you are using

It is also of great importance that bathers gather information about the beaches they are using, namely currents, rocks, deep areas in the seabed and danger zones like falling rocks areas.

Falling rocks

These warnings are to be taken seriously as there have been casualties in the past and people who do not respect the safety rules may be fined.

Praias em Directo«Praia em Directo» ("Live from the Beach") (Vodafone Foundation)Get updated information about beach conditions (temperatures, UV level, sea & air conditions, tides, etc.) Portuguese only.