Albufeira Interactive Location Maps Learn your way around town and across the region


These highly interactive and practical maps have been developed in order to facilitate the tourists’ direction during their stay in the region and to optimize the relationship between businesses and visitors. Here you will encounter several maps showing Albufeira location in Europe, the Algarve region and most of its most outstanding monuments, facilities and buildings of all kind as well as a collection of small villages, major towns, famous streets, places and areas in the surroundings.

We are confident you will find these maps useful and hope they turn out to be a great tool to find your way around allowing you to discover interesting places to visit during your stay in Albufeira.

Newest and updated version of Interactive Albufeira County map. Click, drag and zoom the map to navigate through the area...

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Albufeira Map
Get a printed copy of our interactive tourist map of Albufeira town, county and the Algarve region.

You will be able to purchase a colour copy of these maps for One Euro only at several selling points across Albufeira area. Each copy will enable you to take advantage of the numerous discounts offered by our advertisers.

What can you find on our maps?

  1. Map for the Algarve region with all main locations, roads and golf courses
  2. Map of Albufeira county limit and surrounding areas with main accesses
  3. A very accurate and updated map of Albufeira city covering the areas between the Marina and Balaia, and from the sea to above Caliços borough
  4. An enlarged view on Albufeira Old Town with legend
  5. Plenty of points of interest, symbols, beaches, distances between main towns and other useful contacts
  6. Great discounts vouchers and special offers from our advertisers