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site needs updating

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Topic: site needs updating
Posted By: enrique
Subject: site needs updating
Date Posted: 06/January/2017 at 11:48
I have been a member of this site for a long time now and really enjoy all the topics, but i have to say , if you dont notice the dates of the topics it can throw you a wee bit, can the editors of the site not scroll through the non value topics , (usually because they are outdated ) and clear them from the site , ie. i was looking for info on transport and it came up as 2010, this might be the last time it was needed to be updated , but that seems quite a while, i have been in other topics with last comments as far back as 2009

Posted By: hamlet
Date Posted: 06/January/2017 at 23:12
I disagree. I have been a member about the same length of time as you and do not see any reason to delete any items. I regularly check the forum and make use of the "latest forum posts" I also visit Albufeira at short notice and find that checking previous years posts in the "weather" gives me an indication of what to expect. It does my head in when the lazy ......... ask w h at will the weather be on x day. What a service we get from cubsur and occasionally his "substitutes" .
More importantly, I would guess that the Administrator carries out his/her task Voluntary and like you and me he/she will have other things to do.
I do have an issue with admin. Where is my calender for 2017?
All the very best to all the contributers.
Looking forward to my next visit at beginning of March. Wonder what the weather will be like?. Currently in Helsinki with the temperature minus 21c

Posted By: cubsur
Date Posted: 07/January/2017 at 10:07
People don't delete out of date posts, so it's down to admin and moderators. But it is thankless task. I for one am loathe to delete anything posted by someone else unless it breaks forum rules.

There is a point though that posts older than 5 or 6 years could be deleted, if only to save space within the database.

When you use the search function and want to see only the latest info, specify the time range by using 'advanced search'.

BTW what transport information were you looking for and did you find it?

Albufeira Resident public transport information for the Algarve

Posted By: Jock
Date Posted: 07/January/2017 at 11:19
This discussion made me think of going back and having a look at a topic of Cubsur's.  The beach improvent series of photos from around 2011 or 12.
Maybe I'm not using the search function correctly.  I've tried an any date search for topics started by Cubsur but only getting results back to Oct 16 - exactly 100.  Is 100 the maximum results permitted.
Guidance would be appreciated.

It is no coincidence that in no known language does the phrase 'As pretty as an Airport' appear. Douglas Adams

Posted By: cubsur
Date Posted: 08/January/2017 at 10:57
I also sometimes have problems with the search function. If you use 'advanced search' in theory you can go to any date, but it seems quite pernickety about the keywords you use.

The 'Albufeira beaches today thread' has posts back to 2009.

PS I have moved this thread to a more relevant area.

Albufeira Resident public transport information for the Algarve

Posted By: enrique
Date Posted: 02/February/2017 at 11:55
Thanks Cubsur,
I found what i was looking for , my point only was i wondered why they kept such old replies , but its nae bother i love the site and your contributions, it helps us when on holidayCool

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