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Electrician Needed

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Topic: Electrician Needed
Posted By: tiganut
Subject: Electrician Needed
Date Posted: 21/October/2021 at 08:14
Can anybody point me in the direction of an English speaking electrician?Some lights need replacing outside,& some bits inside.Not urgent,I wont be back for a few weeks.

He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins

Posted By: Algarveaddick
Date Posted: 24/October/2021 at 11:16
Messaged you mate. 

Go away Duchatalet

Posted By: tiganut
Date Posted: 26/October/2021 at 15:07
Got it,& replied.Thanks for your help.

He Who Dies With The Most Toys Wins

Posted By: MervynN
Date Posted: 26/January/2022 at 15:39
Hi we are hoping to get out March/April for the first time in 2 years because of the situation and I realise things can change very quickly but could anyone please tell me what the situation is at the moment with shop,restaurant,public transport mask requirements and hours of businesses and also testing in and out. Any info greatly appreciated.
Many thanks.

Posted By: cubsur
Date Posted: 26/January/2022 at 15:59
You should really have asked a new question, but anyway...

There is no knowing what the laws will be in two weeks time let alone March /April. We can only hope that most of the current restrictions will be removed by then but in brief as of now -

Masks must be worn in all encvlosed public spaces including shopping centres, small shops, banks, etc ect and (in theory at least) inside restaurants etc unless actually seated.

Unvaccinated people over age 11 must have a valid negative test to enter restaurants.

Everyone is supposed to show a negative tet to go into a bara of nightclub. Bar being somewhere that sells drinks but not food.

Masks must be work on all public transport including taxis, Uber etc. Strictly enforced.

Hours of business are normal.

Maks are not required out in the open air but, again in theory, should be worn in 'crowded open spaces' e.g. busy shopping streets.

As of now and until 9th February a valid negative test is required to enter Portugal regardless of vaccination status or point of origin. I am reading that the EU plans to have this abolished for anyone holding a valid EU vaccination certifcate as was the case before nations started to impose their own standards.

A pre departure test is no longer needed for travel to England and from 11th February, by some magical application of logic, a post arrival test will not be needed. Unless they change their minds again.

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Posted By: karenm
Date Posted: 19/June/2022 at 21:12
Hey all, I'm trying to find an electrician to check out why the oven keeps throwing the trip. Had one lined up but he was a no show. Can anyone point me in the direction of a spark in the area?

Posted By: AJSUGGY
Date Posted: 21/June/2022 at 08:31
Just a tip for everyone if you are in a House/Villa check the earth cable going into the ground and make sure its damp in that area. If its bone dry you will have a bad connection to earth hence the trip activating. I have had this problem numerous timed in hot countries when installing Machinery, and it was tripping the MCB. all I had to do was to dampen the earth at that point. If you have an apartment its not that.


Posted By: karenm
Date Posted: 24/June/2022 at 17:44
Thanks for the tip - it's a terraced house so earth cable might not be the issue?

Posted By: cubsur
Date Posted: 25/June/2022 at 08:30
Check what power rating you have - potência. It's on the bill. If the oven is on at the same time as a lot of other things, that might exceed what power you are 'allowed' and thus trip the main breaker.

Mine is 3.45Kva and I have to be a little bit careful with what's on at the same time.

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