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Old Town Flooding - AGAIN

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Topic: Old Town Flooding - AGAIN
Posted By: Richardk
Subject: Old Town Flooding - AGAIN
Date Posted: 24/October/2016 at 21:25
I have just seen pictures of the Old Town flooding again with the heavy rain we are getting .Its been raining heavily for 3 or so hours so the unlucky restaurants, bars & shops are under water again .Its almost 12 months since the disaster of 1st November 2015.
When will the council put in proper drains?

Posted By: A9NDY
Date Posted: 24/October/2016 at 22:02
Seen a few video's on Facebook and didn't look too good at all , I hope it's not a case of history repeating itself, after all the blood sweat and tears repairing the damage of last year. The council should get the drainage sorted once and for all, businesses can't afford to claim year after year and maintain a living 😐 it's so disheartening

Posted By: Jayjan
Date Posted: 24/October/2016 at 22:07
Yes I watched a facebook  video too A9ndy on 25 Abril. It's  a real  shame Unhappy . 

Polli the dancing cat strikes again.

Posted By: steven.vanessa
Date Posted: 24/October/2016 at 22:18
Seen the vids on twitter, really hope it doesnt happen again.

Posted By: A9NDY
Date Posted: 24/October/2016 at 23:26
Fingers crossed it's not as bad as last year's flood you would of thought the council would of modified/improved drainage or flood barriers ect as albufeira in high demand in the forthcoming months ,many places will go under if they have claimed previously as insurance will go through the roof and albufeira will loose the traditional authentic eateries...... and we will end up with commercialised places such as bank bar ect and mcdonalds 😂

Posted By: hamlet
Date Posted: 24/October/2016 at 23:58
Left town at 5.30 this afternoon during another downpour. Did not look good.
The water was gushing down the steps opposite Stepps Bar. Asked the question about drainage improvement and was told that is planned to be carried out over the winter subject to council approving cost within the next two weeks.
Clever!! The word last November was most premises were then operating without Insurance. Let's hope the rain which has stopped at the moment stays off.

Posted By: cubsur
Date Posted: 25/October/2016 at 09:25
One reason for so much rainwater coming into town is the blocked ditches and drains along the Avenida das Descobrimentos. They have been blocked by mud for years. Rainwater cannot get into the drains, runs down the street instead. If they were unblocked that would surely help with matters from that direction at least.

The major drain under the town has been rebuilt but how to stop stormwater coming down the little streets to the east and especially the western side of town?

I suspect half the town will have to be dug up. That's hardly a job for the summer with the tourist hordes around.

Albufeira Resident public transport information for the Algarve

Posted By: cubsur
Date Posted: 25/October/2016 at 14:41
This is an example of what I mean. This ditch along the road by the Quinta da Balaia roundabout was properly laid in when the road was built. Now it is full of mud and debris. it is no one's job it seems to clear these ditches, so the water and mud runs down the street and into town eventually. Picture taken at 1330hrs today.

Albufeira Resident public transport information for the Algarve

Posted By: Gilly
Date Posted: 25/October/2016 at 15:42
The tourist hoards spend their money in this fantastic place instead of going to Spain, Turkey. .... me for one a couple of times a year and made lovely local Portuguese friends x love it here .

Posted By: Andrew
Date Posted: 25/October/2016 at 20:52
So what's the news? Was there any flooding or damage?


Posted By: Biggunspaul
Date Posted: 26/October/2016 at 00:05
Originally posted by Andrew Andrew wrote:

So what's the news? Was there any flooding or damage?

I'm guessing this place was affected,when we walked past all the seating had been removed and they were having the drains cleaned/pumped out." rel="nofollow">" rel="nofollow">

Posted By: Wireman
Date Posted: 03/November/2016 at 13:05
Further to the works Hamlet alluded to above, a short article from Portugal News outlining work to be done.

Regular Visitor

Posted By: Big Col
Date Posted: 03/November/2016 at 13:48
Two years! I guess the next question is what route the tunnel will take so that the disruption can be assessed. Short term pain to avoid repeated flooding each winter I suppose.


Posted By: peteknopp
Date Posted: 03/November/2016 at 15:54
at 10 000 euros per metre it sounds like a lot of pain! Disgrace that its taken a year to decide this.


Posted By: cubsur
Date Posted: 03/November/2016 at 16:21
There were a whole load of very large pipes being stacked up in the square on Tuesday. I will take a closer look later.

I can see our IMI going up leaps and bounds to pay for all this. I haven't heard of any government money coming the council's way.

They should still send a couple of blokes with shovels to clear out those ditches. Wouldn't take long, cost very little and achieve something quite quickly. Some of that mud has been there so long plants are growing in it.

Albufeira Resident public transport information for the Algarve

Posted By: cubsur
Date Posted: 04/November/2016 at 08:50
Work last night in town.

This is where work needs to be done to stop water pouring down the hills into town. This is the street that runs steeply downhill past the Colina do Mar Hotel. There are no drains of any description until you get to the bottom where there are two narrow slot drains, half full of debris, that would barely stop my bathwater.

But cheer up, all is not lost! The Krissmuss lights gave arrived!

Albufeira Resident public transport information for the Algarve

Posted By: jantien
Date Posted: 04/November/2016 at 13:22
Great, that is in ' our' street

Now you can see on picture 2 where I got my flowers (on the left )

Posted By: tonisdad
Date Posted: 04/November/2016 at 15:24
Jesus that bloke in the first picture must be 12 foot below ground level with no shoring up of the sides whatsoever.
In England I would have been escorted off site if I let workforce do that...and rightly so.
Does not bear thinking about Shocked.

Posted By: Andrew
Date Posted: 04/November/2016 at 20:29
Totally agree, any collapse, which is a distinct possibility, and that guy wouldn't need a grave digging, he'd already be buried! I think that pic shows a total disregard for H & S.
But that opens another subject, Portugal, in the EU, should abide by the same H & S rules as us, do me a favour! No way! I see regularly total flaunting of rules and no one bats an eye, in England we'd have sites shut down, work suspended, managers sacked, companies fined... I guess this will lead some to the brexit debate, that isn't my point, I'm just making the observation that the UK totally conforms to EU rules/regulations, others, and in this case I am talking Portugal, totally flaunt them, and get away with it!


Posted By: DICEYUK
Date Posted: 04/November/2016 at 23:05
Always been the case -
We disagree with and and argue against EU rules and regulations but still implement them fully.
Other Countries support and welcome EU rules and regulations and then completely ignore them.

I hate how peopleï compare Frank Zappa to God. I mean, he's cool and great and nice and everything, but he's no Zappa.

Posted By: tonisdad
Date Posted: 05/November/2016 at 11:19
Andrew/Dicey. Health and safety is just one of the reasons we find it hard to compete in some markets. The cost of training safety red tape etc.
I know sometimes we get carried away with H&S I tend to think of half a road closed/traffic lights at home for minor roadworks where as on the Continent half a dozen cones suffice.
Just turns my stomach when I see the likes of that man...which wiil just be considered normal... working in those conditions having seen a workmate killed in less than half that depth of trench.
As you said Andrew not a Brexit argument just observation....Back to topic hope the old town does get some kind of preventative measures in place. Maybe as cubsur has said maintenance of drainage already in place would be a good help

Posted By: peteknopp
Date Posted: 05/November/2016 at 11:39
and yet recently, I've noticed that if they do anything involving the pavement - ie telecoms pulling thru new cables - there is always a GNR presence at each end - seen it 2 or 3 times in last couple of weeks and think what a waste of resources when the road is not affected and the pavements not exactly rocking with pedestrians!


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