Albufeira Tourist Webcam Live view from Fischerman's Beach

Take a peek at your favorite places in Albufeira through our live webcams. Here you’ll be able to watch what the weather is like, how busy it is or simply observe and enjoy what's going on in the area from you own place.

This live picture is coming from an outdoor webcam camera located at "Tasca do Viegas Terrace" Restaurant in the Old Town, overlooking Fischerman's Beach and «Cais Herculano» facing South-East.

This camera can pan and zoom to preprogrammed positions. Select the one you wish to view and wait 30sec to change it again.

If you don’t see any image, please be patient and wait a few seconds. If the picture remains still, the maximum number of simultaneous viewers might have been reached. Then, please try again a in a few minutes.

Those are not surveillance cameras and images are not recorded.

For smoother result, we recommend the use of a modern browser like Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. Internet Explorer, even version 9, has some limitations.

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